stuff i like: wrist-wear


watch: I love this watch for so many reasons, mostly because of what’s right inside the numbers. Personally, I’m obsessed with traveling and seeing the world — particularly Europe. I’m actually obsessed with Europe. This map shows a part of the world that’s completely foreign to me, and within that I watch the seconds tic by and time pass and I can’t help thinking to myself “i need to hurry! there’s so much to see and time’s not waiting.”          Urban Outfitters ($20)

joy bracelet: I’m in love with word Joy, I think it’s one of the most important things that we always forget is important. I wear this bracelet as a reminder to keep joy in my day to day life (a substitute tattoo if you will.)         Etsy ($15)

wrap bracelet: it’s just so pretty to look at.          Victoria Emerson ($29)

eye beaded bracelet: a best friend of mine got this for me before I switched schools in my new schools color. I wear it as a reminder that new beginning are good and so are old friends.            Erica Wilson Nantucket







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