Eliza’s War, Eliza’s Victory.

It’s exam week second semester of senior year (as previously mentioned). What was not mentioned, or more so pointed out, this is the final stretch. In fact I’ve lived through so many stressful exam weeks as this point, rather than being a confident pro — I’m over it. Should I feel guilty that I’ve been getting nine hours a night? Should I be stressed that I don’t have enough sources in my research paper? Similarly to Winston Churchill’s politics, my academic career has had some serious ups and downs. If each exam week is a battle, some could be compared to Hitler underground post ww2 before he shoots himself……or freaking Napoleon claiming Europe.

But now, so close to senior spring, I’m at peace with my mediocre effort. Would Winston approve? I can’t say — I learned the hard way writing this paper that most of his “motivational quotes” he never even said (thanks brainy quote). But as Churchill ruled world world two, facing devastating losses and ultimate triumph, I can’t help but feel the same about my high school career. After all everyone says teenagers only think about themselves, so it feels appropriate to say that the past four years have been my personal world war. The battlefields have varied, and the strength of my inner military has definitely strengthened. And now, it seams as exam weeks wraps up and senior spring manifests the treaties are being signed, and an era of peace awaits.



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